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You can try a free appraisal website that should bring you business in your local. List free at www.ZipAppraisers.com and invite others to list free, and they don’t need to be appraisers in your own state either (for example you can call appraisers in Colorado, and let them know to list free at www.ColoradoAppraisers.com). After you have contacted a few appraisers, who you have gotten to list free, then give me/Rod a call and I will give you a free month for every appraiser who listed after you invited them to list free, up to six months free. They will be asked how they learned of the site. I can usually have a site like this up for you within a few days, after you have listed free and had few other appraisers list free. You can have paypal added to your site so you can be paid online in just seconds, before you do the work. Click the link to the left to ZipAppraisers.com and you can list free in just a few minutes where most of those who use appraisal services are likely to find you. Do not call me unless you have taken a few minutes to invite others after you have listed yourself or updated your listed. You must be willing to spend just a little time each week to assist me and my programmers to get you to the top of the internet. I will put up a website for your free to try for a month for each appraiser who listed after you invited them to list free. After your free trial, you can tell me if you want to keep the website. The charge is $275 for six months or $500 per year which includes your highlighted listing at the top of ZipAppraisers.com which helps with all of our work to get it up to and keep in high in the internet. This only happens if you work to do your part so that the things we do work. Once we get you to the top, it requires much some effort on your part keeping things updated, but usually only a few minutes to a few hours per year.

With over 20 years of experience in the appraisal industry, our thorough appraisals are accepted by lenders across the country. We typically complete appraisals within 2 business days after the inspection of the property. We also make efforts to contact clients before we inspect properties if we anticipate problems.

We appraise single family residences (typical fees are $350-$400, but may vary), small income properties, and vacant parcels of land for purchases, refinances, second mortgages, P.M.I. removal, employee relocation, estate settlement, divorce, bankruptcy and foreclosure.

Areas covered in UT


Cities We Regularly Appraise In

Pleasant Grove
Cedar Hills
American Fork
Cedar Fort
Cedar Valley
Eagle Mountain
Elk Ridge
Saratoga Springs
Spanish Fork
Woodland Hills

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